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Child & Adolescent Mental Health Assessment                                                           

Comprehensive assessment and report:  This takes the form of a 1 hour appointment with your child; a 1 hour appointment with yourself (in person or via zoom); administration and interpretation of clinical screening measures to aid understanding; and a full report summarising the whole assessment, our clinical opinion, and clear recommendations. From £360

Ongoing Psychological Therapy                                                                                   £80-100  per hour    

Therapy sessions typically last 1 hour and are normally offered in blocks of 6 so as to ensure clear review points and prevent the therapy from drifting.  We are flexible as to how regularly therapy sessions are planned so we welcome a discussion about what might be required, and what is financially possible.  

Supervision, Consultation & Training to professionals                                                  £100 per hour   

We are able to deliver bespoke packages of supervision, consultation and training, as well as team formulation training / sessions, and reflective practice groups.  We make reductions in cost for charities.  

Specialist Psychological Assessments                                                                            £100 per hour

We are able to offer a range of specialist and bespoke psychological assessments, ranging from parenting capacity assessments to assessments of therapeutic need for both child and parent.  If you are a professional looking to explore creative options regarding the psychological wellbeing of your clients then please contact us for a discussion of your requirements.

Specialist Multi-disciplinary Assessments                                                                      (from) £2500

Our team of highly qualified clinicians can be requested to complete a detailed and holistic assessment of your child that will clarify their psychological, neurodevelopmental, cognitive, and language needs.  We are able to provide a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) where appropriate.

Cognitive Assessments                                                                                                  £500

Using the most up to date version of the WISC-IV we can provide a standalone cognitive assessment of your child.  This will provide an overview of their cognitive strengths and areas of weaknesses.  A report is included.

Music Therapy                                                                                                                £65 per hour

We can provide Specialist Music Therapy Sessions for your child when psychological / verbal approaches are not appropriate, not preferred.  This focuses on increasing rhythm and regulation in the body that is extremely soothing and calming.

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